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  • Assisted Suicide Bill

    SB 128, a bill to legalize assisted suicide has been introduced in the California State Legislature.  It will be the subject of a hearing this Monday, May 11, in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  

    The California Catholic Conference calls on us to oppose this bill, which goes contrary to our Christian belief, and would have numerous detrimental implications for vulnerable people. 

    State Senator Jim Beall needs to hear from you that you do not support physician-assisted suicide and to vote NO on SB 128.  

    To let him know your position, click here (It will lead you to the California Catholic Conference website.  You will see "Urge a NO vote on Assisted Suicide" on its home page).

    Thank you.

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  • Misconduct Concerns

    If you need to report financial misconduct of school or church property go to: http://www.dsj.org/about-us/report-financial-mismanagement/

    For violations of the Safe Environment Program you may contact the Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Office at 1-408-983-0144 or protection@dsj.org.

  • Holy Family - Family of Faith since 1905

  • Journey & Mission of an Imprisoned Jesuit

    You are invited to Holy Family Church on Tuesday, June 30, from 7pm to 8:30p to hear a remarkable witness from a Jesuit who was imprisoned for 12 years in Vietnam because of his faith.  At the age of 35, Fr. Nguyễn Công Đoan, a biblical scholar, gave up every thing to go back to Vietnam to serve the Church.  And he did it when more than 130,000 people were fleeing Vietnam around the fall of Saigon in April 1975! 

    A few years after his release, Fr. Đoan became an Assistant to the Jesuit Superior General for East Asia and Oceania, then in 2008 was appointed Rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem.  

    Come and hear for yourself this journey and mission from a distinguished biblical scholar and confessor of faith (one who did not die for the faith but was bearing witness to it through persecution).  Admission is free.